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Club Training Sessions and Valid Insurance Cover for 2017

The terms of our insurance providing Public and Products Liability, Personal Accident and Travel cover to ALL our members and trainers for ALL SLSGB approved club training activity relies on a duty of care that needs to be supported by clubs adopting a best practice framework for ALL the training sessions.

This not only requires that risk assessments are undertaken and other conditions as set out in the SLSGB National Safety Guide is undertaken but also and importantly that properly qualified coaches plan and deliver the sessions.

This means that EVERY CLUB must be using a Level 2 Coach or, if appropriate, a Trainer Assessor (see further guidance note below) as the session lead who may be supported by a level 1 Coach and or parent helper as required.

This will be a mandatory insurance requirement for 2017 and all Clubs will be asked to sign a declaration to confirm that they fully understand and that all their training sessions will comply for the SLSGB insurance to be valid for 2017.

Many of our clubs are already following this best practice framework, but some are still not! Apologies for the strength of this message but please understand our sole purpose as a lifesaving organisation is to keep our members and our clubs safe!

There are current plans for Level 2 coach training in autumn 2016 and further courses can be planned in early 2017 if necessary. There are still a large number of TA’s who have not yet renewed their TA Award.

Guidance Notes:-

Level 1 Coaches must at all times be directly supervised by a Level 2 Coach or a TA Coach (see below)

As Coach training is not included in the TA Award it is not good practice for Trainer Assessors to supervise either Level 1 Coaches or Parent Helpers and TA’s should not be leading any activity for Nippers or sport training.
A Coach Award update for TA’s will be available shortly so that TA’s can have a “Coach” endorsement to become a “TA Coach”  This will be one day course provided by SLSGB Trainers.  If undertaken before the end of February 2017 the cost per person will be £45.  After that date the cost will be £65

There is plenty of time for us to help you get this sorted out before 2017 so please get in touch NOW.

If in doubt about this or you need more information or guidance then please mail Lauren Turner

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