Frostbite Event 2014 at St Ives

We have booked St Ives Swimming Pool for a Frostbite event on 22nd March 2014. Although some clubs have requested that it should be an official competition, we do not get enough entries in each category to make this viable. We would have to go out of the county to find a 50m Pool at considerable expense. The Region regards this as a development event to encourage members to join in who would not normally go to Stillwater but would like to develop the skills.

We have a trophy for this event which is for total club points across all the ages, but it has not been returned in recent years, could you please check you Club House and the team managers to see if this could be returned on the day.

Manikin Rule


Cornish Frostbite Event 2014 doc

2014 stillwater entry form


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