Cornish Nipper Champs

Nipper managers have now received the Marshalling sheets for the Nipper Champs this weekend.

Please keep to the Competitor numbers on this sheet as that is how they will be recorded on the results.

With 470 competitors some events will be run back to back with water and beach events running at the same time, I should be able to send you the programme tomorrow.


Team Managers and Key Officials will be issued with Identity Lanyards, only Team Manager to discuss disputes with the Referee.

All Clubs will be issued with Event Team ID’s and Hi –Vis vests for their volunteer helpers, there needs to be a minimum of 2 from each club helping all day. Please return vests and Lanyards at the end of the competition.


The Event Manager, Rob Phillips, will oversee the running and safety of the event.


Event Information for all competitors:

When you enter the village you will be advised to use the Park and Ride field which is on the Hayle Road, we are providing a minibus pick up service, you can drop off passengers in the village if you wish then proceed to the event  car park. We have been asked by the Police to discourage parking on Tregea  Hill due to visitors double parking later in the day.

Parking Notice 2017 (1)


Please do not put up tents in front of the beach cafe or block any entrances, a track needs leaving alongside the clubhouse for Lifeguard  and IRB access to the waters edge.

Remeber that all competitors need to wear the yellow competition vests and have their number and age marked on their hands for recording. Could your Safeguarding contact hand in the clubs photo register and make themselves known to Diane before the event starts. This year there will be an office in use just inside the double front doors.


There are Portable Toilets available for all competitors and clubs use in the Surf Club Car park.


There will be a Swim Shop stand and Granite Sport stand also in the Car Park, competition t-shirts will be available from Granite Sport.


BBQ breakfast will be available at the club from early morning, with drinks, cakes and  Pasta Pots available in the Surf Club.


The Beach Cafe, Atlantic Cafe and Hub Cafe are also open all day for food and drink.

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